Following the journey inside my heart...


I have been away from "the Irish restaurant" for four years. In that time, I have been working various food and non-food related jobs since. Nothing else has captured my heart as that restaurant had. It has been more of a journey to find the right outlet for my passion. I came here specifically for that job. I moved my family here. I have no regrets about that. I think what I regret is, letting the love for what I do, not matter "enough". Sure, I started this blog. But, I have allowed my self to just do it haphazardly. I've done it as a hobby. I think this is the point where it needs to be more of a way of life. 

I have had, in the last few weeks, a voice inside telling me that I need to make this a second career in order for it to become my first career. I need to work harder on getting this message out there. I need to listen to my heart. I need to treat this more like it is a part of my soul and not just some Pinterest board. 

Listening to the "voice" inside

I wanted to walk away from the job that I had been doing recently. That job afforded me extra time in my life to do things related to A Kilt and a Cuppa.  I thought maybe if I found another full-time chef gig, it would make me forget how miserable I have been. What I failed to realise was, that nothing else was going to make me as happy as doing A Kilt and a Cuppa. Then my current job offered me a contract with a 3% raise for next year. The voice inside me, the spirit, said loudly and clearly, "You are not trying hard enough to make this work". The voice was right.

So I faced my fears, knowing that financially, right now this would be a difficult decision. But I went ahead and committed myself to it. Somehow, someway, A Kilt and a Cuppa needs to be made known. It needs to get the message out there. Sure, what we do is a niche market. That does not mean it cannot work. It just means that I need to find the right people and make them believe in me and in it. 

I need to believe that sacrifices now will produce rewards later. This is my home now, here in Pennsylvania. But that does not mean that this is my home forever. I have to look ahead and see that I can get back to my real home. The journey cannot just exist inside my head. If it is to come to fruition, then it needs to start inside my heart. The journey cannot just be the map. It needs to be the physical and spiritual act of putting one foot in front of the other. It needs to be the act of taking it all in and absorbing each and every experience. Hopefully when I reach the destination, be it physically, or emotionally, or both I will have returned to that place in my heart.

Here is to a safe and happy journey...